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Mikalya has been unknowingly stalked by the supernatural all of her life.


Watching her... patiently awaiting her 21st birthday.


When her one night of freedom goes horribly wrong, Purgatory is where she is taken - Hell’s waiting room - a mansion filled with endless hallways and doors leading to the realm’s most depraved demons and any soul’s worst nightmare.


She soon discovers the very real existence of angels and demons.


But they aren’t her only problem.

In her new captive realm, she discovers three beings have been in a deadlock race for her soul - irritatingly handsome dream walking twins, Blake and James, and wickedly seductive Prince of Hell, Anock.

She will have to put attractions aside if she's to make it through this game.

The world she never knew existed now lays at her feet.


However... Purgatory is just the beginning.





Somehow...I'm a siren. And apparently I'm a siren with one seriously sexy alpha-hole, gatekeeper of Hell stuck up my ass.

Finding out my lineage should be the least of my worries especially when I'm wanted for murder on Earth and have a date with a group called the Watchers in Hell...but my gut tells me it may be the key to unraveling everything.

Either submit to Cander, like a good little siren demon by my 72 hour deadline, or make my own way.

To Love or To Lust; That is the question?

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