Chelsii Klein writes mainly within the New Adult | Dark | Fantasy genres. While most of her work is free of triggers. She advises readers refer to the, Note to Reader, placed at the beginning of each book to make sure this is the right read for you! To find this, it will be in the download sample on Amazon in the front of her books. 

The Beloved Fire: The Beloved Series Book 1

NA Fantasy; Mature Content. 18+

Mikayla has been stalked by the supernatural all her life. They've waited patiently for her 21st birthday. When her one night of freedom goes wrong. Purgatory is where she is taken and she soon discovers the real identities of the dream walking twins, Blake and James. They aren't her only problem. In her new captive realm she discovers the very real existence of Angels, Demons, and the Magical.

Purgatory, a mansion filled with endless hallways and doors leading into any souls greatest nightmares, is ran by one irritatingly handsome Anock, Prince of Hell. Finding a way out may not be her only problem once she discovers why the supernatural is after her soul. She will have to put attractions aside if she's to make it through this game. The world she never knew existed now lays at her feet. However; Purgatory is just the beginning.

The Beloved Heart: The Beloved Series Book 2

NA Fantasy; Mature Content; 18+ *TRIGGER WARNINGS*

The Beloved Ice: The Beloved Series Book 3

NA Fantasy; Mature Content. 18+

The Beloved One: The Beloved Series Book 4

NA Fantasy; Mature Content. 18+

The Ivy Tribe: A Siren Love Novel, Book 1

NA Dark Fantasy; Mature Content. 18+ ***TRIGGERS***

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