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To start this very new, very foreign idea of a blog, I would like to say thank you for actually taking the time to jump in and read this!

A lot of writers start off as readers. That's how I started, and that's how I continue to write. Through this journey of becoming an author I have learned that to get support, you must give support! That being said I want this blog to be about giving back.

Through my social media journey of making friends, and connections I have seen a lot of indie authors with great books for sale but not a lot of traffic! I want to start supporting these authors by picking up their work, reading and posting my review and giving them some spotlight on my blog!

This is very new for me! My grammar is NOT going to be perfect. Unlike my own books and writing-- there is no editor that is going to read over this blog and check for spelling and punctuation errors. So, please understand that when I am posting here on this blog, this is just me in the raw talking and giving my opinion. As I am an author myself and have my own books coming out, I have no idea how many books I will be able to pick up and give a review on.

So!!! With that being said, if you want me to read and review your work I simple ask for you to return the favor! I also ask that we connect on social media platforms as well! Authors should support other authors! Hit up my FB, Insta, and Twitter and I will give you a like back! Fill out a contact form on my website page, inquiring about your work and I will add you to my list! Simple, easy-peesy! But please remember, I have my own work as well.

As of now I am not putting a time limit to this on myself. When I have time to read and check out your book, I will let you know and also give you a heads-up when you can see it on my blog!

To end this long, crazy explanation Happy Reading/Writing and being amazing!

- Chelsii

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