The Beloved Heart Prologue





     He watched with silent rage as James flew down silently on a nearby tree branch. They were both out of the way, where she couldn’t see them. Blake’s mind flashed back to when James originally sent him a message to meet.

     He’d been on a job for Anock bringing a message to the now dead queen of the second quarter; Queen Eiseth.


     His cube had got warm in his front right pocket, hot almost. When he pulled it out, he was unable to hold on to it for long and he dropped it watching as it thudded to the barren waste land of Hells floor. Upon impact, out came a projection. It was of James, all though, he didn’t remember him at the time.


     The projection grew in front of him to an average size and stepped forward. “Hello brother.”

Blake was unsure, but not afraid, he was a guard to a Prince of Hell, who was he to be frightened. “Be gone ghost of this cube. You do not frighten me.” He remembers being confident, that’s for sure.


     The projections face broke into a taunting smile, whoever this was or whatever this was, was clearly amused. “Come now brother, aren’t you even a little bit curious as to how you got here? Or perhaps you are curious as to why you feel like pieces of your memory are no longer there?”


     Blake had felt like that. “What do you want? Bring your peace and be gone.”


     “I bring an offering. You help me, and I’ll help you.”


     Blake almost laughed. “I only serve Anock.” He was about to leave when he remembered the projection holding his cube hostage.


      The projection at the time watched with more amusement as he started to leave and then turned back to get his cube. That must have been what intrigued him.


     “Why do you carry such an object, yet do not know its origin, its purpose…its power?” The projection put one hand under his chin, as if it was actually thinking. “I can tell you what this cube does and more, all I ask is for you to meet me. Hear me out and then you can decide if what I told you is the truth. Goodbye brother.”


     The projection faded and Blake’s life once again had changed. Although he still hated James, now back in the present more than ever. He would have carried out his promise, if Mikayla could have been something that could be avoided. Unfortunately, they mingled. So the point was moot now. That and the asshole tricked him anyways when making the deal. 


     “I knew you would pull something like this, fucking prick!” Blake growled towards James smug face. He could feel his demon itching to get back out. To tackle the fucker back to the ground, but he’d been reminded about the deal they made, and he was barely forcing himself to comply.


     Dick. It was just one of the words he felt that described James.


     Blake watch in anger as James sucked in a satisfied breath as they watched Mikayla’s body shimmer and start to fade.

James smiled letting out an evil laugh. “It was part of the original deal remember. You help save the girl I love by getting her out of purgatory by any means necessary and I would give you back your memory, along with never interfering with a girl named Mikayla.”


     Blake stared ahead at the glowing fire wanting to punch his face. Yes that was the deal he made, but it was a trick to initiate the ritual of hearts. Something no one told him about.


     Mikayla had disappeared into the past, back to live out his life, his first life.


     She was living through his eyes.


     His every thought, she would think was hers.


     His every emotion, every need and every hurt. Hers.


     She would live his past life and know how he felt about her, in her first life. How deeply he fell in love with her, and more than that, how emotionless he felt plunging…no.


     He wouldn’t think of it. It hadn’t been his fault.


     “The memory that you originally stole from me.” Blake said bringing himself out of his inner conflicts and back to his current annoyance.


     James only glanced over at him for a second before jumping out of the tree landing light on his feet. Blake followed, landing with a heavy thud as dead tree branches and leaves crunched under his weight. He tempered the rage building, why had James got the wings?


     “Don’t think you’re going to get away with this. Your lucky I don’t smash your fucking head in now, and if I needed your slimy ass alive to assure Mikayla returns safe I would do just that.” Blake called out to James who was now approaching a smiling Walter.

Walter, the name alone made his blood boil.


     James mumbled something about being two steps ahead, to which Blake chose to ignore.


     “Come now fire, you and heart are brothers. You shouldn’t let a woman ruin your new relationship. Plus you and Admete have bigger fish to fry.” Walter said checking his gold pocket watch that dangled from his front shirt pocket. Did this guy ever change his clothes?


     “Admete? What do you mean?”


     Blake knew the name but didn’t understand the statement. “And stop calling us those stupid fucking names!”


     Before he could continue to yell at the warlock James stepped forward cutting him off. “When will Mikayla return? I’m eager to get her to the safety of the mountains.”


     Blake turned into a heady pace. His demon claws started to come out from his temper. He needed to distract himself from his emotions before he killed him and lost Mikayla forever. James acted like he could just whisk her off to the Chosen compound when she resurfaced and that would be enough to keep him from going to her. He only heard Walter say something about accepting their names is accepting their fate, and more shit about their plans for Mikayla but he tuned them out.


      Idiots, they’re both idiots.


      Blake felt an urge of a thousand fires burn under his skin and with every step his muscles tightened to an unbelievable ability. He shook his head trying to fight off the transformation. He needed to think, form a plan. Hulk smashing everything around him wouldn’t accomplish anything.

Interrupting whatever pleasant no doubt idiotic conversation Walter and his dick of a brother were having, Blake stopped his pacing and let every worry, angry comment, and frustrated feeling surge out.


      “YOU DON’T DESERVE HER!” He roared now in his full demon voice. His eyes didn’t tingle this time but burned.


      James and Walter turned facing him now.

      They both looked like adults that were just interrupted in their conversation and out of exhaustion finally decided to give into the small annoying child at their feet. The reprimanded look only lasted a minute before Walter brought both his lips into a hard line and squinted like Blake just spoke a foreign language. James stood there with an irritating amused look on his face. Did James have any other face?


     “Walter, it seems like my brother hasn’t retrieved all his memory yet.” James said turning his attention back to Walter like it was a decision between the two of them.


     No chance in Hell was Blake going to let Walter send him back with Mikayla. He remembered enough. “No! I’ll kill you before you get a chance. Don’t dream of it, warlock.”


     Walter chuckled his familiar deep laugh. “I wouldn’t dream of it dream walker. Plus you and I have somewhere we need to be. James will wait for her return. It was part of James and I’s deal. Also James did you switch back to good? Blake seems very unstable.”


     “I did. I have some angel shit to take care of while you guys run errands.”


     Blake ignored the errand comment, he wasn’t going anywhere with Walter.


     “Seems like James is just making deals left and right. How could you side with this evil piece of shit over me? And another thing, stop treating me like a child, at least I’m smart enough to not get possessed.” Blake threw James a sideways smile, he knew that would get under his smug skin.


     “I refuse to stoop to your level brother. Anyways, I’ll see you around, eventually I’m sure. I’m taking Mikayla to the Chosen compound; she’ll be safe there.”


     “Mikayla and I actually have a past, a good one. Better than this one. Add that to the fact that we started the mating process…you don’t stand a chance. What makes you think she’ll want to go back with you?” Blake said, knowing the mating dig would piss him off.


     Walter picked up this watch giving it a concentrated look. Blake now noticed the beads of sweat that had formed at the top of his hair line and how he rocked back impatiently on his left foot. Something was about to go down. Blake threw down his cube without another thought. He wasn’t going to be caught in whatever was about to come.


     No light came from it.


     The black familiar cube just sat there on the hard ground, lifeless. He growled. What the fuck was going on now? Fucking warlocks.


     “Ha! That won’t work boy, I’ll explain to you where were going on the way.” Walter said reaching into his pocket. The thin powder dribbled out of his pocket to the ground as he brought his hand out.


     Blake sighed out. Travel dust, just great. He hated that shit.


     “See yah brother. I’ll give Mikayla your regards.” James said smiling at his triumph.


     Blake turned towards Walter. “Let’s get this over with.”


     With no idea of where they were going Blake watched as Walter threw the black dust into the air and walked into it. He wasn’t enthused about this unknown trip, but it was time for him to strike his own deal.


    He stepped into the powder right as his cube returned to his pocket.




            Spinning was what it felt like. Disoriented, like she was drunk.

He, like he was drunk.

            “Who am I?” It shouldn’t be a question, should it?

            His words bounced in her head.

Could I be Mikayla?

            “We’ll be together Mikayla, soon. Find the truth in me first. I love you.”

            What was happening to her? The slight memory of the giant man who did this flickered throughout her mind.

            No. The way she’d choose him every time. But who would she choose?

Ingrained in her soul, she felt his longing for her. His irritation, helplessness…for her. 

Weird, she didn’t even know who she was. Not really.

            Yet, she knew exactly who her soul wanted…belonged too.